February update (I’m not dead!)

Whoa! Nearly five months have passed and I haven’t posted anything. How did I let that happen? Oh, right, I’ve been very busy working on my new game!

After studying a few game engines I had to pick one of them. At first I settled with UDK, and I had pixel perfect 2D graphics working, but in the end, it was just overkill. There are better engines dedicated to 2D games out there. I’ve tried a few, and in the end I chose YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio. It is perfect for an intermediate programmer such as myself. And now they have released GameMaker 2 Beta which has a lot of nice features and improved performance. I can add four thousand enemies with simple AI without a frame drop on my i7 notebook! The engine is still in Beta though, so it’s not perfect, but I’m very satisfied.


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Famicom version’s manual scanned

I’ve been working a lot on my new game. Nothing to show yet though, so in the meantime here’s the manual for the japanese version of Super Pitfall scanned for your delight. I believe the US release got a pretty close translation, but who knows, there may be some differences.


5 days to go!

Only 5 days for the release of the hack!

How far has this hack come in the last 5 months… It went from “maybe the game would be good if all items were visible, but I don’t really know how” to this. I wanna thank everyone for their invaluable feedback and support. Disch, snarfblam, jonk, Da_GPer, protomank, M-Tee, dougeff… and countless others, really. The community rocks. But I wanna thank specially macbee for the daily talks about romhacking. It was actually most of the time about my hack though, and I thought that’d be annoying, so I’m sorry about the times I talked too much! I was just very happy to be learning more about the NES everyday, and to have someone so experienced to talk to about it meant a huge deal.

Also, thanks to FCandChill for the help with the new songs and for breaking the initial barrier figuring out the sound format. It completely changed the face of the hack.

After I release the hack I’m going to move on to my PC game (wish me luck!). I plan to develop it for about 6 months, and I’m one to honor a schedule, so expect it to be released and I hope people are interested in it once it’s done. I don’t know exactly what it’ll be, but I will use my original assets from this hack, at least initially, so that gives an idea of what kind of direction I’m going to take.



Pitfall II soundtrack

The songs in Pitfall II for the atari 2600 use a special sound chip made of 100% awesome. Here’s a gameplay video to exemplify. So what better song to replace the main theme in Super Pitfall NES? hint: there isn’t a better song. So, yes, a music replacement is underway for the hack. But wait, not only that, a completely new song made by FCandChill is also going to be added! Thank you!

Pitfall II poster

Check out this amazing Pitfall II poster for the atari 2600 game. It just breathes adventure! It even has a list of actors in this action game as if it was an action movie poster. The funny bit is that it features cave rat “as himself”. Wow. I’ve always been a fan of cave rat. I gotta play this.


Unused tiles

Here we have several unused graphics from the original NES Super Pitfall. They were taken from different portions of the ROM and assembled into this single image. The image is pretty much complete in terms of unused graphics. Please note that due to how NES graphics work, the original colors were lost. These colors were chosen then for contrast.

A few comments:

  • Some of these enemies don’t exist in the final game. That’s the spider walking up walls and the spider hanging from ceiling (complete with a hanging web line tile). But others do and have updated graphics. These old enemies graphics are the same as the PC-88 version of the game!
  • The girl seems to be a beta version of the niece. This graphic remains in all areas of the game, indicating the niece could have been placed anywhere, not just the dark world.
  • The big white square can be arranged in any size, and it was found on the title screen section. Maybe a text box background, or a temporary graphics for the title.
  • Several hud icons are found indicating the diamond, the lion and the niece. There’s also a gold icon, perhaps for gold counting. And a pointing hand suitable for hud item selection.
  • There is some sort of 3 frames explosion effect.
  • The blue blob in the middle of the image doesn’t appear to be make sense in any arrangeable way.
  • The “S” is made of 4 tiles that can be arranged to form clouds exactly the same way as the PC-88 version.


Site Launched!

Hello guys and gals, it is the beginning of a new era for me. With the upcoming release of my Super Pitfall hack I’ve decided to create this blog and use it to keep you up to date with my projects.

As you may already know if you followed the thread over at romhacking.net, September 5th 2016 marks the 30th birthday of the original japanese release date of Super Pitfall! I plan to release the hack the day before so you can (hopefully) celebrate the game’s anniversary by playing it. Please do!